Q. What is a MUD?

A.  A municipal utility district (MUD) is a special governmental entity of the State of Texas. Regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality(TCEQ). The MUD’s main functions are to provide water, and wastewater services, trash collection, and maintain drainage facilities within its boundaries. A MUD may collect taxes, charge for services, condemn property, enforce restrictive covenants and make regulations to accomplish its purposes.

Q. How do I Request Public Information Regarding the MUD?

A. Requests for public information must be submitted to the District by one of the approved methods and addresses.

By mail or in person:
Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 50
3200 Southwest Freeway, Suite 2600
Houston, Texas 77027

By e-mail:  for050@txdistricts.info

Q. Who maintains the detention ponds within the district?

A. Most detention ponds in the district are the responsibility of the MUD with the exception of any TXDOT detention ponds. Amenity ponds are the responsibility of the property owners (typically HOAs).

Q. How do I sign up for water service, have my water turned on or have my service terminated?

A. Water service for MUD50 is provided by Municipal District Services. You can contact them at 281-290-6500

Q. How do I read my water meter and understand my water bill?

A. Open these documents …. How to Read a Meter    Understanding your water bill (generic 11.2013)

Q. How do I get trash service?

A. All residential homes automatically receive trash pickup. If you have questions about the service, please call Best Trash at 281-313-2378