The North Fort Bend Water Authority (NFBWA) is a regional water authority created by the 79TH Texas Legislature, with the passage of Senate Bill 1798 in May 2005 . The primary reason for the Authority’s creation was to facilitate compliance with the Fort Bend Subsidence District’s groundwater reduction mandates by creating a viable single entity to acquire, develop and deliver a long term supply of potable surface water to the water users in the Authority’s Groundwater Reduction Plan (GRP). In addition, the need for surface water is heightened by the conclusion of a 2002 Water Needs Analysis (authorized by the Fort Bend County Commissioners Court) that rapid population growth in Fort Bend County combined with the Subsidence District’s groundwater reduction mandates will likely cause water shortages in the County as early as 2014.

The Fort Bend Subsidence District was created by the Texas Legislature in 1989 as a conservation and reclamation district (Act of May 26, 1989, 71st Leg., R.S., ch. 1045, 1989 Tex. Gen. Laws 4251). The District’s purpose is to provide for the regulation of the withdrawal of groundwater within the District to prevent subsidence that contributes to flooding, inundation or overflow of areas within the District, including rising waters resulting from storms or hurricanes, The District’s boundaries are defined as all the territory within Fort Bend county.

Texas Water Smart is a diverse public-private coalition of businesses, trade associations, cities, water suppliers and elected officials who are committed to promoting water conservation. The purpose of Texas Water Smart is to educate families and businesses about easy and efficient ways to conserve. Please read through their website and learn how just a few simple tweaks to your usual routine can make a big difference and help us all have more water.