Texas Water Smart is a diverse public-private coalition of businesses, trade associations, cities, water suppliers and elected officials who are committed to promoting water conservation. The purpose of Texas Water Smart is to educate families and businesses about easy and efficient ways to conserve. Please read through their website and learn how just a few simple tweaks to your usual routine can make a big difference and help us all have more water. http://www.awbd.org/water-smart

Free Water Irrigation System Evaluation

Any homeowner in MUD 50 can get a FREE evaluation of their irrigation/sprinkler system. There’s a program being offered by your water supplier and the North Fort Bend Water Authority! You are invited to sign up today for the FREE evaluation by a licensed irrigator…The W.I.S.E Guys. There is no obligation on a homeowner’s part to purchase anything. You have nothing to lose, but you could learn a lot. You will be provided with a comprehensive evaluation of your system — checking the water patterns of your sprinklers and the frequency settings of the controller. You will have access to the results online to help you learn how to use water more efficiently in the yard and landscaped areas. That’s it…no pressure…you decide how to use the information. Why waste any more water…or money? Make an appointment now! Look for the details online at: www.nfbwa.com/wiseguys