Free Water Irrigation System Evaluation

Any homeowner in MUD 50 can get a FREE evaluation of their irrigation/sprinkler system. There’s a program being offered by your water supplier and the North Fort Bend Water Authority! You are invited to sign up today for the FREE evaluation by a licensed irrigator…The W.I.S.E Guys. There is no obligation on a homeowner’s part to purchase anything. You have nothing to lose, but you could learn a lot. You will be provided with a comprehensive evaluation of your system — checking the water patterns of your sprinklers and the frequency settings of the controller. You will have access to the results online to help you learn how to use water more efficiently in the yard and landscaped areas. That’s it…no pressure…you decide how to use the information. Why waste any more water…or money? Make an appointment now! Look for the details online at:

Best Trash Covid-19 Update

Water Transmission and COVID-19

According to the Center for Disease Control (the “CDC”), the COVID-19 virus has not been detected in drinking water.  Conventional water treatment methods, such as those utilized in Fort Bend County MUD No. 50’s drinking water system, should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.  Please see the link below for more information provided by the CDC.

CDC_Municipal-Water-and-COVID-19 3-26-20

Additionally, please do not flush wet wipes, napkins, or heavy paper towels. Instead, properly dispose of them by throwing them in the trash. Please see the link below.

Sewer System Considerations 3-26-20

FB50 Voluntary Water Conservation Restrictions

Please read the above notice (a document in pdf format) which contains information regarding conservation actions that should be taken by residents and businesses in the district.

Notice of Disinfection Method

The method for disinfection of our water supply has undergone a change. Please read the above notice (a document in pdf format) which contains information regarding cautions that may need to be taken by residents who have home kidney dialysis equipment or residents who have live fish or other aquatic animals.